Friday, October 18, 2013

A blog post :)

People still do read blogs!! :)  2005 ,I guess was the heyday of blogging in n around these places. Was something new till other things came up . Orkut was new too :) . Things have changed quite a lot since then . Thats the nature of the web . Things change. That reminds me of the matrix verse .. kinda goes like  "There are somethings that change and there are some that never change" .  One thing that has been around for a long long time is IRC . Relatively unchanged and vibrant as ever. And of course things like email which has hardly changed. 

Phew!! enough of that talk .. Its good to know that people do drop in here . Which means people still do have time for something like "a blog" :) . Guess I'll catch some sleep now. ...


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