Monday, October 08, 2007


Its been a while since I've been at any serious GIG .. Well sometimes I think I'm getting old .. Last saturday good old yaminikant called up .. all charged up about the passes he had to this "rock show" . I was pretty dazed and lazed ;) till about 5:30 .. I thought of givin this "rock show" a try .. especially since I had a pass off a scrach-card during my last bottle of DSP black. We ended up at high tech city with passes to two different "rock shows" .. One of them was not really a GIG ( Strings -- that band from across the border) the other one was "battle of the bands .. or DSP Rockilution as they call it .. The choice was obvious ..

The Hyderabad Crowd is pretty sedate .. and I'd say a little on the "we want.. it's my life" types .. Anyways .. I tried to create a mosh pit with some guys .. but just didn't happen .. The bands were ok . The second performance was worth the time .. They all had pretty complex names .. like .. " righteous confessions" and stuff like that . duh! So thats that .. After Countless GIG's , and after having done a GIG myself with a "one month" band we called "paranoia" .. Here I am .. All my feelings about that show summed up in one verse "Been there .. done that ... "

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