Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is everyone Orkutized ??

Dont see much on the blog front now .. I guess people are busy on Orkut .. Talking about some (mostly pointless ) stuff .. I'm as usual ... Chilling out .. code and wiki .. one major thing is gonna happen in my life .. Well .. let it unfold .. i'll keep my fingers crossed ..

The Blog Ban by the Al Congress Qaieda has slowed down the bloggers i guess and the timely entry of orkut has contributed .. certainly ... I wonder if we can have some personal space on orkut .. that would be nice .. anyways .. gotta get back to ... what ? dunno .. gotta get back to getting back to getting back ..

hehe ..



At Wednesday, 25 October, 2006, Anonymous diabolic preacher said...

yeah looks like everyone is orkutized...actually i shud be telling that abt u. :P
some hav left as well...been banned..hehe, etc.

all the best for the happening of major thing. :)

i think personal space is needed...or atleast something like a vpn within the social network.

btw had i told u abt facebook. thoda zyaada privacy hai, php mein hai,par mera naam pasand nahin hai :D

now get back to your work :P


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