Tuesday, July 01, 2014

No rain/kung fu/green tea ( 3 probable titles .. )

Goa has never been this dry in June! ever! . usually its like a "car wash" this time of the year . It's kinda worrying . I'm not a met fella but this monsoon change seems to be "major" . Anyways , we haven't figured out how to control the climate ( yet) so let's leave that to the earth and the met guys.  

This blog apparently has been "read" 80 times on one day of this month ( as per stats) . I wonder if those are crawlers and bots. I really wonder if anyone reads this blog anymore . Years ago comments/hits/stats would motivate me . I'd write more to be more "popular" . It's not the same now. I don't need much motivation . I write because of no reason. Because I feel like writing . Irrespective of the audience ( if any) .  Perhaps now, I'm the "writer" .

 There certainly is a "soul" to everything in the universe . I don't mean in a spiritual way and  certainly not in a religious way . There is higher ground to be achieved in everything we do . Till we have seen that higher ground or even known that it exists, we need motivation and praise and the etc. We try to fit into some mold that we have created with the help and dictation of society. We try to be our "residual self image"

What do the words  "kung fu" bring to your mind?    images of Bruce Lee ? people flying through the air in cheap Chinese flicks?   cats? 

Intrestingly enough ,  In Chinese, the term kung fu (功夫) refers to any skill that is acquired through learning or practice . ( and  meditation ?) hmm ...  I'm off for a hot shower and a cup of green tea before I wind up for the day with a big book till I fall asleep .. Tonight its gonna be "discovery of India" by Nehru. I like that book . 


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