Friday, June 03, 2005

Comfortably Numb !

Adwait brought a virus along with him ;) and the virus found a nice host (me!).I coughed away most of yesterday morning.. Was so fed up that i downed a bottleof benadrly "bottoms up" !! an hour later , i was feeling light headed. .. pupils dialated.. seeing colourful trails of things going around me. I somehow dragged myself home .. at home i had yet another drag of codine!! the cough had disappeared but the codine had'nt! i was COMFORTABLY numb! :) i could "see" gunshots from the HBO movie playing although my eyes were closed.. i passed out on the bean bag. As i'm sitting here on my desk, its 11:00 in the morning.. and i'm still in the grasp of codine.. i'm still flying high! .. the Xterm on which i'm typing this is also looking a little blurred..


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