Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Joining the Flock ? ;)

Its yet another browser ..  This one called Flock .. another mozilii ;)  ( from the planet mozillus)  .  surprisingly , this one seems to be pretty stable and hype free like many other mozilii .  It also has some nice features .. like integrated blogging .. i'm writin this post from within the browser :)  i.e. without using the blogger editor .

life otherwise is good ... thinking of switching my ISP.   Oh! and my new palm tungsten | E is the current digital darlin  of mine ..  Have loaded some old favourites on it .. including cashacc and space trader :) . Thinking of "flashing " the palm with linux .  I'll so that someday ..  Right now, i'm listening to Shoutcast radio ;)  and drinking hot coffee  and reading  ..

later dudes ,


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