Friday, June 02, 2006

Crossroads ..

Its been a long time since i've blogged .. a lot has happened .. most remarkably the protests against reservation and against an opportunist government .. Its started raining here in Hyd :-) some respite from the seating heat . And I'm moving in to a new apartment .. And , Now against all company policies, MY DEsktop RUNS SLACKWARE 10.2 .. hehe .. and i'm typin this in VI .. good ol' VI .. and thats that..

Working with XEN and OpenSolaris 10 . Doin some containers stuff .. Sometimes you seem to stand on crossroads .. When something tells you that your life is gonna change .. that u otta grow up . Finally .. Grow up .. and thats exactly what i DONT wanna do .. I wanna stay as i am.. Freakin out .. Takin every day as a new one .. squeezing the last drop from every moment .

Right now Ozzy Osbourne is blasting -Diary of a madman into my ears and it does feel good .. think i gotta go and do some kingfisher .. and hit the sack . maybe watch some discovery channel or something .. The world gets stranger each day i live .. May be Adapting to that Strange world is what they call "experience" duh ! .. screw that .. i'm hitting the next pub and unwinding .. those who wanna join can meet me at the Jubilee hills checkpost . Adeos!


At Saturday, 03 June, 2006, Anonymous diabolic preacher said...

u got into a new appt!! itna moving kyun?? any advantages now?

At Saturday, 03 June, 2006, Anonymous diabolic preacher said...

my RSS reader shows u'd written n removed a post titled jagertee...and the nocturnals...mentioning salvador levy..why did u remove it?


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