Thursday, August 21, 2014


Back to the old Blog. It's good to write here once in a while. I'm blank today . completely. The usual "wheels and gears" turning in my mind , the constant background thought is not there. Its' like a "pause" of the subconscious mind. The only "thinking" (I think) I did today was calculating ; for how long 500 liters of petrol would last on an average vehicle . That was when  I was taking a shower. 

Maybe it takes a blank mind to spark creativity . like it takes a true atheist to really understand divinity. Its early morning . complete silence. the world has not yet "started"  running . An almost perfect silence. 

I want to read a book . fill the mind with some soil and seeds . For the garden of thought to grow again .  Listen to some music to sprinkle some water.


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