Monday, November 07, 2005

Blopulation explosion

DP has quoted some post from puneet's blog! .. man blogs can get people together i guess .. Now that the prolific blogger Puneet 's blog is well known , i would like to call it the "Dadar station " of blogs :)) ..who's the andheri station? well Uttara's blog i guess :) anyways puneet , i feel nice to be the one who introduced you to blogger .. what happened to gogoi's ( as g[ay]? as gogoi) ??? :))
And I guess i can call myself a veteren blogger now .. because i used to maintain a "homepage" when i was in college .. u guys can find it now at ( circa 2000 .. anyways ,keep up the good work bloggers ..

DP, the picture on your blog (of yourself i guess) will fetch you a good price in the amazonian wood sculpture market .


At Tuesday, 08 November, 2005, Blogger Keshi said...

yep blogs r so popular now and boyyy it connects so many hearts :)


At Wednesday, 09 November, 2005, Blogger seets said... is no longer available dude :)

At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Anonymous Patil said...

Where is dat damn site ''???? Guess by unsafe U meant not 2 b seen

At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Blogger Diabolic Preacher said...

Blopulation explosion
Your titles sure seem to be getting 'noteworthy' all the way.

thanks for the consecutive mentions of me on your blog posts. i give you enough reasons to blog don't i? ;)
and now that it forms part of your email sig, i guess u're really at it to prove it's truly a blog not an archive of 'the memory remains'.

blogging (no matter what tools we use) is surely the easiest way to speak openly, at will, at any time, and as many times that we get a chance to express (i.e. get a chance to get online). also a real good tool to know people thru interests (read tags) or friend('s blog)s. i've never known puneet till now, but then so what! his blog is something i'd like to know more about...hehe. it's another thing that i consume tooooo much time reading thru blogs linked to blogs linked to blogs which certainly goes offtopic by a wide margin and which i hence enjoy reading, trying to get to know the other parts of this "life" machinery.

for me there exists just "blog station" and it doesn't matter where the content comes long as it's not one of the auto-blog generators. maybe they'll be smart someday and probably be a way of beaming back reports from places where mainstream media just can't reach.

...umm what else? yeah just turn off the anonymous posting and put on captcha's. could help keep the comment spam level low (i don't mean mild level spam). u aren't that worried about not getting comments...are u?

well since i post comments thru my blogger account and have no/empty blogs owned at blogger, might give the link to my livejournal blog, which is

judging by the useless spam protection feature this link (and the comment should appear).

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