Wednesday, October 19, 2005

1600 Kilometers ...

Capitalizing on the dussera holiday, JS and other folks from office decided to hit goa. And When it's Goa , I'm the default host .. so i was in . We decided to drive the 800 odd kilometers from hyderabad. (Quite an adventurous thing to do) in the wee hours of the 12th morning we were off in an Indica . the drive was smooth leaving aside some bad stretches of road . Goa was fun as usual.. Sun Sand sea and booze ( well i missed the other S this time ;) ) .. Steaks and beer and feaking out with breezers ,Watching dolphins in the baga sea ... Before we knew it was time to go .

We set out at day break on Sunday morning. Cruising comfortably .. JS decided to take another route this time .. Somehow it felt a little longer to me . It was dark 8ish when we were deep into Karnataka . A highway bridge was out .. We were stuck in he middle of nowhere !! Tired a little high on the port wine bottle I was sipping throughout the journey .. WE inquired with the locals and traced another route .. This one was like one of NASA's mars rover test sites .. but we drove through it .. Finally reached a highway .. the most fucked up thing about Indian highways is that on a smooth stretch of a couple miles there will be a sudden death trench waiting for you .. no signals no reflecting tape .. nothing. We hit such a bump when we were about 190 KMs from Hyderabad. BOOM .. the car spun out of control .. When we were back to our senses , there was a long stretch of engine oil on the road .. and a shattered gearbox in our car . . We were stuck in the middle of nowhere!! and to make matters worse a couple of drunk bikers were hovering around . I got out of the car and just gave them a stare .. Mentally preparing myself . Wouldn't be a tough job to whack a couple of drunk freaks. At that moment i felt the need of people like manoj (the khnadola goon) and alex Had Alex been there !! ha! He'd define "beat the shit outta someone". The guys finally sensed trouble waiting on the other end and disappeared into the darkness ..

We scrambled all our luggage and waited for "any" mode of transport. Finally a AP transport bus arrived .. drunk people everywhere !! people on the bus floor !! .. made it to hyderabad somehow .. grabbed a rickshaw to banjara hills and crashed .. when I woke up it was morning .. each muscle in my body was aching .. So here i am .. on the road again . Here I am up on the stage .. Here I am playing star again .. and here i go .. Turn the Page ..


At Wednesday, 19 October, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Wednesday, 19 October, 2005, Blogger uttara said...

hey buddyyyyyyyyy
mez gonna read wat u did in goa ..hang on :p


At Wednesday, 19 October, 2005, Blogger uttara said...

hey buddy .. u dint dare go to ur place :p
heheheheh u ok na ..lolzzzzzz

u n stared at some1 .. who got scared with ur cute looking face ...awwwwww
sooo sweeettt


yehyeh .. alll high going to GoA cool.. hope u had a gr8 time apart from travelling .. hats off to the guy who drove!!!

take care

At Friday, 21 October, 2005, Blogger seets said...

Alex and Manoj.. hmmm made me sit back and reminisce my khandola days...somehow my lilmited grey cells ditch me when i try to recollect who manoj is... ur batch?? so u met with an accident ..hmm didnt hear u mention tat...and am curious..damn curious..abt this 4th "S" ;-)


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