Monday, September 12, 2005

Digital Fortress .. ..duh!!

I've been reading Dan Browns "Digital Fortress" over the weekend . The book revolves around an imaginary super computer developed by the NSA called "TRANSLTR" and a unbreakable algorithm called "Digital Fortress" . Its a good read and more than the technology reflected in the book (Which has quite a few flaws) , the plot is nice. Its got all the "masala" for a Hollywood blockbuster. As far as storytelling is concerned, The author does fine but he's no match for masters like Mario Puzo.

Besides that , I really did not do much . Was just lazing around, reading the "deccan chronicle".. (the local news paper ) . These days are kindof boring :( .. Think i should get a Linux box as soon as possible .... Sometime everything seems to go wrong .. These are one of those days :) ..


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