Friday, November 25, 2005

Accidentally "five point someone" :-)

It was a Wednesday evening. Somehow I had this urge to eat chicken Xacuti . Now that's a tough find in Hyderabad I guess. So I decided to go to an Andhra restro and eat some "natu kodi pulusu " .. Chaitra is one place where u get good authentic Andhra food . I reached chaitra at about 7 . The place was closed . The watchman standing outside signaled at a small sign which read 7:30-10:30 . I just strolled down road number 3 , my seemingly insatiable appetite for Xacuti (or similar) fading away.

On the left was a book shop called "akshara" . I decided to have a peek . Spent 15 minutes browsing through the biography section . Just when I was bored enough to leave the place, I saw a book in another shelf called "five point someone" . The title seemed familiar . I read a couple of pages and my xacuti dreams just shelved themselves in my mind . I had to read this one .. now! . I picked up the book and sped back home . Crashed on the bed and started reading ... a few chapters later . I found myself in the book .. All those crazy years at college just flashed in my mind .. I finished the book in the wee hours of Thursday . I spent the next couple of hours (till sunrise) on a nostalgia trip with black tea and a couple of goldflakes. Dunno why but I still can relate to my college "roller coaster" years to this book ..


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At Friday, 02 December, 2005, Blogger seets said...

:).. me wanna read both his bks.. havent got hold on any yet :(... btw secure ur blog... noticing loasd of spam comments on it....


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