Friday, December 09, 2005


FOSS.IN was nice .. met Alan Cox there !! man he's one heck of a guy .. not an ounce of "attitude" . There were a lot of our ilug-goan's too!! DP, Fred and others .. And i made friends with this guy called Sweekar from HP . Had lots of beer together ( wonder what beer tastes like .. i havent had beer in 2 weeks!!) he he .. and thats that ..

Right now i'm going home and building a linux system for my self .. i'm just fed up of the distro business .. except slackware , there seems nothing which is an "innocent" Linux distro .. ( should i say a "virgin" linux distro ? he he .. ) and i've started cooking .. yes i have started cooking .. i dodnt know exactly what .. but i cook and i eat .. and i'm alive and i pump iron every morning .. hmm mama's boy?


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