Monday, December 19, 2005

skype on slackware .. and the hungarian priest

Installed skype on my slack box on friday .I had to test it, so i ran a random search of skype users online .There was a person called gregory from hungary.. I dialled in . After a couple of rings a coarse "hello" came from the other end of the line .. " i'm gregory .. how are u " the talk continued as i asked about my voice quality and so on .. then it steered towards religion .
Gregory is a priest . Finally after about 15 minutes of taking miscellaneous things , i ended the call. My skype test was over . Strange how small the world has become . its 2:00 am now. I've become an owl :-) have been wandering around wikipedia all day . Will hit the sack now .. gn.


At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just awesome. i am planning to get a laptop just to install Slackware. i can't wait.

At Wednesday, 04 January, 2006, Blogger Its me man said...

Hey i'm waiting for your new years POST man.
Well seems like you dont have time.
Make some & post a few good ones :),
HAPPY BIRTHDAY(2nd Jan 2006).. a bit late from my side though.
I hope u know Who i am.


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