Monday, January 09, 2006

A close shave ( literally) with a DVD

It's yet another monday and i drag myself out of my comfy bed. Just moved into this new place a nice studio apartment . My AMD machine is humming .. ( an extra fan ;) ) and a cool morning breeze blowing through the window .. I get to the bathroom and spalsh water on my face .. its rough .. weekeend stubs .. i need to shave .. and suddenly it dawns upoun me that i dont have a mirror .. crap..

The plumber was supposed to fix one yesterday! . So i walk around the room... foam on my face .. a dvd is laying on the cabinet .. hmm whats it .. suse 10.0 . .. i pick it up and it reflects my jaw nicely .. ( i look good in a dvd he he) .. i dont use suse anyways , so i tape the dvd above the wash basin .. and have a nice shave .. another crazy li'll thing .. then i search for all unwanted and bad disks .. and make a mirror outta them .. my 15GB mirror .. he he.. ok .. enough of crazy talk .. i'll get back to work ..


At Tuesday, 10 January, 2006, Blogger Diabolic Preacher said...

u got into a new apartment? how many times u changed?
making good use of DVD's i must say....especially the bad ones. :)


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