Monday, February 06, 2006

"chicken Azkaban " .. he he

Spent a lot of good "saturday time" at office playing around with "perl-SMTP" modules and got back home kinda tired .. To unwind, we decided to cook . and cook we did!!! the recipie was as follows :


I) open a chilled pint of beer .. and down it .. get a little high and go to the superstore .. get godrej real good chicken , some onions... and get inspired by wandering around the pretty females at the store ( dont miss that!!)

II) get home and marinate the chicken with some lime and rum? ;) .. whilst doing that , fish for DVD's in the heap of disks .. find something strange like "harry potter and the prisoners of azkaban" and play that .. open another pint of kingfisher ...

III) after 3 pints , fry some onion' n' garlic in a pot add a bit of all masalas you can find, and simmer on low flame for another 2 pints .. then look around the place and find some remaining old monk XXX rum .. add a dash of that .. and simmer ..

IV) open the lid .. praise yourself .. and say " lets call this Azkaban" .. and eat of course ..
( calling the insurance agency wouldnt be a bad idea .. )

so long then ....


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