Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What time is it eh ?

Its 4 again! :) .. And I'm right here on the desk .. Doing the stuff I always do . Am I on a night shift? NO.. I'm on the worst schedules of all .. " Flexi Time" which means .. I don't have any fixed timings .. Which also means that I could be always "playin " or I could be always at "work" .. Anyways .. Have been reading about insomnia a lot .. Hope I don't turn out one .

The night is sweet though .. Guy de Maupassant would have enjoyed this kinda spooky atmosphere .. To keep my eyelids from huggin each other , Slayer -War Ensemble is piping through the headphones. .. and to keep my mind sane , a large mug of coffee is waiting to be devoured. Am I writing sense ? dunno .. but don't expect absolute sense at 4 in the mornin .. he he.. Think that's for now .. Andy Stern ( The CEO of my company) is on a India Visit .. And will be in Hyderabad tomorrow .. And I don't want him to suggest a lifetime supply of Deo's as my performance bonus so I'll go home and have a bath ..


At Wednesday, 22 February, 2006, Anonymous nithya said...

its me wat i've heard is not wrong...Capris are "WORKOHOLIC"...and thats wat u r...but c that u take care of ur health...coz health is wealth...anyway hope u have a good time with CEO.


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