Friday, March 17, 2006

back to base ...

Spent the last weekend in Goa . I've started Rediscovering Goa . I'vew lived there most of my life but i've been in some kinda shell... College , small bars , the linux community , a few beaches and a few good buddies .. thats was Goa for me
.. Anywayz .. i'm back to Hyderabad .. and back to Xen and perl :) . Yesterday was kinda special .. We (Tom, Jason, Bala and me) hit "Ezee Ryder" and had a couple of pitchers .. My LIRC ( project is still in the deep freeze .. just cant find all the components here .. hey did i forget to mention the "Holi" thing? .. we (both the Ram 's , kiran, etc .. ) had Tom and Jason all coloured up and they actually enjoyed being a part of it ! :)

Gotta get up and get to work .. Think i should try makin a wireless keyboard .. This cable is a pain ..


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